Reciprocal Map

Reciprocal Membership programs are one of the best ways to save money on Family Fun!

If you are unfamiliar with Reciprocal Memberships, basically you become a member of your favorite Zoo, Aquarium, Museum, or attraction that is part of a reciprocal membership program.

You can often visit another attraction for half-price and sometimes for free!

For example, I have a membership at our nearest Zoo that participates in the AZA Reciprocal program, and we brought our card to the Museum of Science in Boston, and our family of four got into the Museum for free!

We saved over $100 on admission to the MoS and we only spent $75 on our zoo membership that we frequently visit!

Make sure to check the reciprocal program terms of your individual membership because the terms and prices can vary depending on the attraction.

Also, some reciprocal programs will have location limits meaning you can only visit some museums and attractions that are over 90 miles from your house, so basically, those you’d likely visit on vacation.

However, nearby museums are the best ones to get your membership from, since you are close and can visit often! Make sure to do some research before you purchase a yearly membership and check several attractions to see what the best fit for you and your family is.

Below is a Reciprocal Membership Map that I created based on the AZA, ASTC and ACM Reciprocal Programs. There are also other reciprocal programs that are not listed, but these are the biggest programs that are great for family fun!

I created this map to help when we travel to see what we can visit with our memberships, and I hope you find this map helpful!

*Make sure to check your individual reciprocal programs to ensure accuracy before visiting a museum because sometimes it can differ slightly but this will give you an idea of the programs that participate!