DreamWorks Water Park in New Jersey

DreamWorks Water Park located at the American Dream Mall in East Rutherford, New Jersey is the largest indoor waterpark in the USA (at least at the moment!) Here is a full review of American Dream’s Dream Works Water Park and get the breakdown if the water park is worth the expensive price tag!


The DreamWorks Water Park is 8.5 acres and has 15 water slides and 15 attractions as well as the world’s biggest wave pool at 1.5 acres! And don’t worry, there’s also a lazy river!

To view all the attractions and rides at DreamWorks Water Park, please head here and scroll down the page for all the rides.

There were two attractions that were just for little ones– a really cool water area that my kids really wanted to go on and a smaller water slide especially for the smaller kids.

If you kids are 48 inches or taller they can go on anything, minus the two rides that are just for the smaller kids. However, there are a few water slides that you’d want to make sure you’re kids were strong swimmers to go on, but there are also life vests available to use (for free) if they are okay wearing those if needed.

Overall the rides at the water park were pretty fun. I’d shoot for doing the ride that goes around the entire water park first as that line was the longest throughout the day. Some of the other water slide lines move faster because the same line go to different slides near the top.

It was a little confusing which lines went where and what rides you needed a mat for and didn’t. I wish I had studied the map before going so I had a better idea of the layout, especially if you like to hit the ground running right when you arrive.

Review, Tips, and Tricks for DreamWorks Water Park in New Jersey!

Hours and Admission

Admission and Hours vary depending on the day. We went on a Saturday and they were open from 11AM to 8PM but on most weekdays they are only open 12 to 5PM so make sure to check out the calendar to find the correct hours for the day you are looking for.

Admission to the water park also varies on the day. Water Park admission is anywhere from $69 to $99 when purchased online in advance, depending on the date as pricing is done by demand. Weekday pricing is typically cheaper, and the weekends are generally $99 to visit when purchased online in advance, which is highly recommended.

And yes, adults and chaperones not swimming still need to purchase a regular ticket to the water park.

Discounts & Offers

There are a few different discounts to DreamWorks Water Park at American Dream, especially directly through the source. There are also sometimes combo tickets available that will get you multiple things to do at American Dream at a discount.

You can also purchase a splash season pass that is available for a few months, but it’s great if you plan to go to the water park a few days in a row or over a small period of time.

We got discount tickets for DreamWorks Water Park through AAA for peak tickets (Saturday) for $72.50 per person, which I found to be the best deal for our family since we were already AAA members!

AAA Discount: Tickets start at $56 per person when you purchase online in advance through this website.

Children 2 years and younger can get into the DreamWorks Waterpark for FREE! Keep in mind, even if a parent or chaperone does not swim, they still need to pay for regular admission.

You can find more ways to save and discounts to American Dream’s DreamWorks Water Park here.

Parking and Transportation Options

Parking to American Dream is $5 per car. There are some nearby hotels that will offer a free shuttle to the mall.

Park in Lot B or C for the closest walk to the water park. If you take a rideshare over, American Dream pickup/drop-off are located at A Hub and C Hub.

You can also take NJ Transit 355 Bus from Gate 305 at Port Authority Bus Terminal. Service operates hourly. For more information about public transportation to American Dream, head here.

Food Options

The Water Park does not allow outside food and drink, but there is a concession stand on site.

There is one concession stand, Burger Shack that has the typical grill food of burgers, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, french fries, etc. There are a few tables to sit and eat nearby.

Keep in mind, there are no food options for people with food allergies and the staffed was not trained to answer allergy questions correctly, so I wouldn’t eat there if you have any food allergies or sensitivities, sadly. The only food option for our gluten-free (celiac disease) person was pre-packaged bags of potato chips for $3.

However, if you are looking for something quick and easy and can eat whatever, Burger Shack is fine but a little expensive.

Thing to Know, Tips & Random Notes

  • Life Vests are available for free around the park, however, if you are looking for a small size, get there early because all the smallest sizes were no longer available by the afternoon.
  • Lockers are $12-25 depending on size, and there are locker right in the water park as well as the locker room.
  • Buy a waterproof case with necklace for phone and credit cards *add aff link*
  • Bring your own towels, but they do sell them there if you forgot one.
  • Water Park Chlorine Levels: Pretty high. One of my kids is pretty sensitive to Chlorine and spent a lot of time in the wave pool, and there eyes were pretty bad after a few hours at the Water Park.
  • Water Temperatures: Overall water temperatures were really good! Not too hot or too cold, except for the lazy river. The lazy river was so cold the day we were there, not sure if that’s the norm.


We went on a Saturday in the winter (March 2024) and it was pretty busy. We arrived at park opening at 11 AM and it was SO NICE! However, it got busy fairly quick.

When we arrived at open, It wasn’t very busy and we didn’t have to wait very long for any rides, however, the longer the park was open, the busier it got.

I highly recommend going right when it opens because it was so nice and not too crowded! We were able to get a lot of slides done before it got too busy, and then we ended up spending a lot of time in the wave pool when it got busy. The most popular water ride had a line of over 1+ hour of waiting in the afternoon.

How Many Hours for a Visit?

I would say anywhere from 4-6 hours would be be a good visit to DreamWorks Water Park in American Dream!

We spent 5.5 hours in the park but we noticed a lot more people were leaving around 3 PM than arriving (although it didn’t feel like that at all, as lines got increasingly long.) I would say leave at least four hours but you can certainly stay there all day! Everyone in our party (minus one child) was ready to go at the 5, 5.5 hour mark, but every family is different.

How Much Was Our Trip to DreamWorks Water Park?

This post isn’t hosted or affiliate with the water park in anyway, which also meant that we paid for everything as a normal family of four.

Here is how much we spent for our trip to the American Dream Water Park:

Tickets: $325 for a Saturday/high-peak (Four tickets purchased through AAA at 72.50 + tax)

Food: $52 (2 burgers, 1 hot dog, 3 1-liter sodas for drinks)

Locker: $25 (if we go again, we’d definitely do a smaller locker or no locker in the future)

Parking at American Dream: $5

Total Cost for 1 day at American Dream for a Family of Four: $407

This does not include gas or hotel costs, as it would vary by family.


My kids loved the indoor water park and they had so much! They talk about it constantly and it was a core family memory! I’m glad they had fun! It was definitely not something we would do often at the price tag but it was great for a special birthday celebration!

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