Coca Cola Factory Tour in Georgia

Factory Tours are a great way to engage curious kids and teach them how things are made! There are so many different and fun factory tours to experience from ice cream factory tours to automobile factories!

There are so many different factory tours across the US to discover and delight children of all ages! Plus, many tours come with free samples!

You may want to consider visiting these factories on the weekdays to get the full experience because some may be closed or not in full working capacity on the weekend, but these tours are great to experience during a family vacation!

Please note that a lot of factory tours closed during the pandemic and still haven’t opened yet or may not reopen.

However, all the tours listed below are back in business and currently offer tours! Even better, some factory tours on this list are entirely FREE which definitely helps that family vacation budget!

Below are the 19 Best Factory Tours in the USA to discover with kids:

1. Jelly Belly Factory Tour (Fairfield, California):

Jelly Bean lovers rejoice and see how jelly beans are made with this self-guided tour of the magical world of Jelly Belly jelly beans. You can discover how jelly beans are made, sample different flavors, and even take part in interactive exhibits.

Tours are offered daily and are $7 for adults and $3 for children, children under 3 are free.

For more information about the Jelly Belly Factory Tour, please visit here.

2. Tillamook Creamery (Tillamook, Oregon)

Visit Tillamook Creamery and enjoy a free self-guided tour of the creamery or you can choose a paid experience to learn about the cheesemaking process or enjoy an exclusive ice cream experience. There is a range of options to fit every family’s budget and desires!

For more information about Tillamook Creamery tours, please visit here.

3. Ben & Jerry’s Factory Tour (Waterbury, Vermont):

Ice cream lovers will delight in this tour, which showcases the production of Ben & Jerry’s delicious treats. Kids can observe the ice cream-making process, sample their favorite flavors, and try uncommon ones too!

Advanced admission tickets are highly encouraged and admission is $6 for adults with $1 processing fee if purchased online

For more information about Ben & Jerry’s Factory Tour, please head here.

4. Turkey Hill Experience (Columbia, Pennsylvania)

Learn about Ice Cream with the Turkey Hill Experience and get UNLIMITED samples of Ice Cream during your visit! What kid would say no to that?

Tickets are $13.50 per person.

For more information about the Turkey Hill Experience, please visit here.

5. Julius Sturgis (Lititz, Pennsylvania)

Enjoy this 25-minute tour of Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery where you will learn to roll your own pretzel and learn how pretzels are made hands-on!

Admission is $5 for adults and $4 for ages 4-12, and children under 4 are free. Tours are appointment only but you can easily book online.

For more information or to book a tour of Julius Sturgis, please head here.

6. Utz (Hanover, Pennsylvania)

Come see how potato chips are made at this 600,000-square-foot facility for Utz Potato Chips! Tours are self-guided and available Monday-Thursday for select hours.

For more information and for the touring schedule, please visit here.

*There are also Synders of Hanover nearby, but their tours are not currently available, but check their website just in case anything changes!

7. Fannie May Factory Tour (North Canton, Ohio)

See how Fannie May chocolates are made with this delicious tour and get some free samples too! The tour is free but is available on certain dates/times so check their website for their schedule first.

For more information about Fannie May Factory Tours, please head here.

8. Louisville Slugger (Louisville, Kentucky)

Kids can learn how baseball bats are made at this fun factory tour and museum. Discover the importance of baseball bats in the past, present, and future of baseball, and get a free mini-bat at the end of the tour! Little baseball lovers will love this tour!

Tickets are $22 for adults and $14 for kids ages 5-12, and children under 5 are free. Advance tickets are recommended.

For more information about Louisville Slugger, please visit here.

9. Ford Rouge Factory Tour (Dearborn, Michigan):

Head to the Ford Rouge Factory tour for an inside look at the production of Ford trucks, as well as learn about the manufacturing history of the past, present and future! Kids can see the assembly line in action, watch robots at work, and even sit in a new vehicle!

General admission is $24 for adults and $21.50 for ages 5-11.

For more information about Ford Rouge Factory Tour, please visit here.

10. Polaris Experience Center (Roseau, Minnesota)

Inspiring engineers may love this Polaris Experience Center where snowmobiles, ATV’s and military vehicles are made.

Tours are available Monday-Friday at 2 pm. *Please note that children under 6 are NOT permitted so please plan accordingly. Also, no open-toe shoes or sandals can be worn.

For more information about Polaris tours, please visit here.

11. Hammond (Denver, Colorado)

Enjoy this free factory tour of a chocolate factory and learn how chocolate is made at this 35,000-square-foot facility!

For more information about Hammond Factory Tours, please head here.

12. Blue Bell Creameries (Brenham, Texas)

See how ice cream is made at Blue Bell Creameries in Texas with a self-guided tour and learn about the history of Blue Bell Creameries.

For more information about Blue Bell Creameries Factory tours, please visit here.

13. Kazoo Museum & Factory (Beaufort, South Carolina)

Visit the museum and factory of the most unique musical instrument– the Kazoo! Kids can see how Kazoo’s are made from start to finish and they can even design their own!

For more information about the Kazoo Museum, please head here.

14. Angells & Phelps (Daytona Beach, Florida)

Visit this chocolate factory and see how chocolates are made and enjoy free samples too! Free!

For more information, please visit here.

15. Corning Museum of Glass (Corning, New York)

The Corning Museum of Glass has the largest collection of glass in the world! Not only is this a beautiful museum but you can learn how to make glass! Come see glass in a new light with your family!

Kids and teens 17 and under are FREE! Adults are $22 for admission.

For more information about the Corning Museum of Glass, please visit here.

16. PEZ Visitor Center (Orange, Connecticut)

See how PEZ Candies are made with a self-guided tour of a PEZ factory! Admission is $5 for adults and $3 for kids ages 3-12. Children under 3 are free. A $2 credit may be applied to any same-day purchases.

For more information about PEZ Visitor Center, please head here.

17. Coca-Cola (Atlanta, GA)

Experience the World of Coca-Cola with a visit to their Atlanta factory! Visit fun exhibits and taste different varieties of Coke products! Please note that their BottleWorks exhibit is permanently closed.

Tickets are $19 for adults, $15 for children 3-12, and kids under 3 are free.

For more information about the World of Coca-Cola, please head here.

18. Crayola Experience (Easton, Pennsylvania):

While not a traditional factory tour, the Crayola Experience offers a hands-on experience where kids can learn about the production of crayons and markers. They can create their own crayon labels, melt crayons, and explore various colorful activities.

Tickets are $25.99 for children 3 and up.

There are also Crayola Experience locations in Florida, Arizona, Texas, and Minnesota.

For more information about Crayola Experience, please visit here.

19. Hershey’s Chocolate World (Hershey, Pennsylvania):

Chocolate-loving children will love Hershey’s Chocolate World in Hershey, Pennsylvania where they can see where chocolate is made! Kids can learn about the chocolate-making process, create their own candy bars, and enjoy various attractions, including a ride that explains the history of chocolate.

Admission into Hershey’s Chocolate World and the chocolate tour ride are free year-round and do not require tickets but there are many attractions within the facility that requires a paid ticket.

For more information about Hershey’s Chocolate World, please head here.

What is your favorite factory tour in the USA? Did we miss your favorite tour that curious children will love?

The Best Factory Tours in the USA for Kids and Families on Family Vacation

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